Sunday, April 18, 2010

Heading into the homestretch...

Since my last post, the pace has picked up somewhat with regard to the Jesse Owens project. I have identified numerous primary sources from the archived collection, and have digitized these items. Kevlin (my mentor) has given me free reign to select items I believe may be of interest to students performing research for National History Day projects. To date, I have digitized letters from foreign leaders, programs and ship logs from the 1936 Olympics, poems written for Jesse by children.....and condolences received by his family at the time of his death. I will continue my review of the collection over the next two weeks. Final approval on what will be selected rests with Kevlin.

In addition to my analysis of the archived Jesse Owens holdings, I have initiated contact with the National History Day Organization for guidance in making our online collection a part of their research offerings.

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