Sunday, March 21, 2010

Get that scanner going.......

As was mentioned in my previous post, I met with my mentor (Kevlin Haire) and presented what I thought could be items worthy of inclusion to the Jesse Owens History Day project. These items were identified through a thorough examination of the Jesse Owens archival inventory. Kevlin seemed to agree with my selections, and my logic for choosing them. She also suggested a few additional areas in which more items of interest may be located.

At this point, I am to begin scanning selected items at 300 dpi and saving them to my desktop. Further into the process, I will once again present these items to Kevlin for her consideration. Items meeting with her approval will be saved to a flash drive and narratives will be produced accordingly.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Back From Florida...

After a short trip to Florida (It always seems like a short trip when I go to Florida), I resumed my practicum duties. For weeks now, I have been slogging through the former Dean of Medicine's personal collection of memos, letters, publications, news clippings, plaques, financial statements, personnel decisions, confidential directives,...etc. Unfortunately, I am only about a quarter of the way through this mountain of paper. It appears I may not get through the entire collection by the end of the semester. Kevlin Haire, my mentor here in Archives, has assured me that few practicum students actually get through one of her collections during a single semester. In fact, she informed me that she also did her practicum in the OSU archives, and did not finish processing her assigned collection. She has also asked me to begin focusing on the second portion of my practicum experience.

After a meeting with Kevlin and Tamar Chute (OSU Archivist), I was given the task of browsing the inventory lists of the Jesse Owens collection. My objective was to select a number of items that may be of value in educating interested students and researchers on the life and legacy of this famous Ohio State athlete/historical figure. After scanning the inventory and pondering the importance of a number of items, I compiled a short list that I will present to Kevlin at our meeting this week. Some information may be rather trivial, other information will be of more value in a historical sense. For example, did you know that Jesse Owens' daughter was the first African American Homecoming Queen at Ohio State? Breaking barriers just like her father.