Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Phase 2.......

While still plugging away at the Tzagournis collection, my practicum has entered a new phase. This week, I met with Archivists Tamar Chute and Kevlin Haire to discuss my role in creating a web presence for the department's Jesse Owens collection. The goal is to develop a digitized resource for students who are engaging in research for National History Day projects. Tamar and Kevlin would like me to take a look at what the archives department already has available online and compare it to offerings from other institutions. I am then to present my findings and begin browsing the Jesse Owens inventory for items that would be of interest to researchers. These items will then be digitized and made available online.

I am anxious to begin working on this phase of my practicum. It involves the identification of archived items with historical/social significance. Although it might sound silly to some, there is an inexplicable thrill in having access to items that have a connection to history's significant events. I feel fortunate to have this opportunity.

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